Michelle’s Mojito AKA The Best Mojito Ever

Michelle’s Mojito AKA The Best Mojito Ever

This is a basic lime mojito, but it is anything but basic in taste!



Level: Easy

Serves: 36


  • 1 cup Lime Juice
  • 2 cups Mint Infused Simple Syrup
  • 5 cups Rum
  • 6 cups Club Soda
  • 3 bunches Mint


I have a basic ratio that I use so I can make this in any quantity. I used “cups” in the ingredient list for simplicity’s sake. This would make about 2 large pitchers, I think.

The basic ratio is:

1 part lime juice (I always squeeze fresh)
2 parts sugar ( I ALWAYS make a mint-infused simple syrup. More on that in a sec.)
5 parts rum (I use a light rum, but use what you like. I keep meaning to try a dark rum; I’ve read it is great in a mojito.)
6 parts club soda (or tonic if you prefer, but I only use club soda)

Simple syrup:
I use equal parts water and sugar for my simple syrup, and I crush and add a handful of mint leaves once the sugar has dissolved. I simmer it for a couple of minutes then take it off the heat and set it aside while I prep the rest of the drink. I strain out the mint leaves once it has cooled. I have used sugar in the raw as well as plain white sugar. I have a friend who uses brown sugar.

The drink:

I like a lot of mint, so if I was making a pitcher, I might use 30 to 40 leaves. I use a mortar/pestle to muddle the mint leaves, trying to crush them, but not make a paste out of them. In the photo above I think I used 60-80 leaves- it was a lot, that’s all I’m saying.

In your pitcher, put the lime juice, rum, mint and syrup. Mix well. If you don’t want a lot of mint bits, you can strain out the mint now. (I leave it in, or take some out if I got too crazy with the mint.) Add club soda, pour over ice and garnish with mint.

You can play with the recipe a bit if it is too limy or to rummy or whatever, but this ratio has been well received here.

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