Chicory Coffee!

Chicory Coffee!

Interested in wild edibles? Want a cheap and easy coffee substitute free of caffeine? Try chicory coffee!

Chicory is a bushy perennial herb with lavender or white flowers. It grows rampantly in vacant scrubby areas and has been used for years and years as a coffee substitute or additive.

It’s a safe wild edible to begin with as it is very distinctive and there is nothing harmful to mistake it for.



Level: Easy

Serves: 12


  • 20 bulbs Chicory


1) Gather your chicory.

2) Trim off stems, wash, and cut into small pieces with knife or scissors.

3) Place in roasting pan and roast in oven at 425, stirring occasionally, until dark brown and dry. Will smell like chocolate.

4) Place in blender, spice grinder, or coffee grinder, and grind to coffee-ground consistency.

5) Prepare and serve as you would normal coffee! Best with cream and sugar, as it is a bit more bitter than standard coffee. New Orleans folks traditionally serve it along with beignets!

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